Hotspots of Prypiat

The Hotspot descriptions below are without the GPS data, because in 2009 no GPS logger with a weight of less than 500 g can log the actual position once per minute for at minimum one month (a medium log trip e. g. to Aconcagua Mountain) without battery change or charging. So i'm still waiting.
I could measure three hotspots during a regular trip, but there are more.
The hotspots have a radiation with about 99 % gamma rays and therefore the frequency is in the region of several Petahertz. So Wi-Fi with several Gigahertz is not compatible.
Because the Gammasout uses a small tube, it is insensitive and not good enough for searching hotspots, except huge hotspots like the chernobyl reactor, or hotspots with a really dangerously high activity (>1 mSv/h). Therefore i could measure the hotspots of Prypiat below only because the guides pointed at them.

First hotspot

The first hotspot was in front of a school, at a school book. The radiation source seems to be a hot particle some cm in the ground, but without a lead shielding of the geiger mueller tube and triangulation it's not possible to get more details.
Another possibility is using a Gamma camera.
And with a gamma ray spectrometer it's possible to find out which nuclides are in the hot spot.
Because the first hotspot had a dose rate around only 15 ÁSv/h (and there was not much time for a photo) it's not worth to describe more details.

Second hotspot

second hotspot 1

second hotspot 2

The second hotspot was in front of the famous ferris wheel.
The source also seems to be a hot particle some cm in the ground.
The dose rate was about 35 ÁSv/h.

Third hotspot

third hotspot 1

third hotspot 2

third hotspot 3

The third hotspot is a bucket in the Forrest, with radioactivity on the inner side. The activity is even on the inner side; maybe because of hundreds of hot particles in the steel.
It seems the bucket was used close to the reactor, because the inner side was cleaned by wind and rain for decades and you can't see any dirt (except some rust from the steel) but the inner side still has an activity of about 900 ÁSv/h.